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  • Terryloire Coopérative échalions et asperges Terryloire

    A Successful Merger

    It is in applying the adage «There is strength in unity» that the two cooperatives, The CAFPAS and La Reinette Fruitière get closer to create a new one stronger, TERRYLOIRE was born.

    This new cooperative is fixed in the Saumur country in the Haut Poitou.

    This new cluster give us opportunities for investments and actions in order to increase our business field, vegetables and fruits.

  • Les Équipements de la coopérative Terryloire

    Our Equipements

    Terryloire has got the best updating storage and packaging equipments in order to respond to all the client's expectations.

  • Stockage échalions Terryloire

    2 Production Sites

    Parcay les Pins (49)

    • A plant dedicated to apples and pears and as well as asparagus and Jerusalem Artichokes according to the season.


    Mirebeau (86)
    • A plant of 5000 m², built in 2010, dedicated to Echalion.